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Get a Naturally Bronzed Look with Spray Tan Elsternwick

Are you wondering whether you should go for a spray tan or not? The answer is in the affirmative. You should come to Zuri Boutique that offers perfect spray tanning leaving you looking sexy thanks to a natural-looking tan. We use cutting-edge products and our spray tanning technicians are well-trained and highly skilled to give you incredible radiance and a truly glamorous glow minus the hazards of exposure to the harmful UV light of the sun.

Many people opt for spray tanning as a part of a beauty regime while getting ready for special occasions or events. Most people however, choose spray tanning before hitting the beach during their vacations. Now you could effortlessly flaunt your bronzed body in a sexy bikini. Come to Zuri Boutique to get the best spray tan in Elsternwick and look stunning beautiful ever after.

In a matter of a few minutes, you would be getting a sun-kissed glow. Your gorgeous bronzed skin would compel people to notice you. Everyone would think that you have just been to the beach. Spray tanning is a safe process and does not expose you to any hazards. Bikini spray would be lasting for a week or maybe ten days post application. You would get enough time to flaunt your bronzed look.

At Zuri Boutique, spray tanning is done only by trained and experienced technicians who would be examining your skin and identifying the right product as per your skin tone and your request. We are the experts in the spray tanning business and we cater to your specific requirements. The choice is yours whether to go for the naturally sun-kissed look or opt for a deep bronzed look. We are here to make you look hot and beautiful. Get the most effective spray tan service in Elsternwick, by calling us today for scheduling an initial appointment. It is high time you looked beautiful naturally.

Getting Ready for Spray Tanning Session

– You must exfoliate, at least a day before your spray tanning session.

– Do not use certain soaps and shower products with high pH.

– Shaving should be done, at least, 24 hours before the time of spray tanning appointment.

– Do not use products such as lotions, creams and perfumes on the day of spray tanning as they are known to create an obstruction between your skin and the tanning solution.

– Remove all traces of makeup from your skin before the tanning session. Come wearing loosely fitted clothes so that they do not smear your bronzer.

We at Zuri Boutique are experts in spray tanning. We deliver desirable results safely and effectively. We provide a healthy and natural-looking tan. Simply relax while we make it possible for you to have a sun-kissed look. We provide the most efficient and prompt spray tan solution in Elsternwick.

Why Choose Us?

– Our spray tanning specialists are bubbling with enthusiasm to give you a stunning bronzed look.

– Our tanning technicians are well-trained and fully experienced.

– We use the most advanced technology.


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