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Some Mistakes to Avoid to Get Gorgeous Hair

Some Mistakes to Avoid to Get Gorgeous Hair

Your crowning glory would be requiring a lot of care and attention.  Hair care is nothing complicated. You could follow simple tips to keep your hair healthy, shiny and silky forever. However, you may be causing a lot of harm to your silky tresses without being aware of the damage being done. You must consult an expert hairdresser in St. Kilda for your hair styling and hair care solutions. Here are some of the mistakes you are making that are causing harm to your silky tresses.

Using Dirty Combs & Brushes

You must keep your hair scrupulously clean. You should not use dirty brushes or combs as they are the real breeding grounds for old residue and germs that would cause infections on your scalp. You must get rid of the hair from your comb or brush after every hair styling session. At least, once every month, you must clean your combs and brushes with water and baking soda. These combs and brushes should be soaked in water and baking soda till the dirt comes out. You must rinse your comb thoroughly. The baking soda must be used as it is very effective in removing oils and dirt that could remain stuck in between the bristles.

Tying Your Hair with a Rough Elastic

You must stop using rough elastic. A thin dense hair tie could be irritating your hair strands causing undesirable breakage when pulled very tightly. Always try using elastic that is nicely covered with soft fabric. If you wish to keep your hair away from your eyes and face, you could gently pull it back with claws or bobby pins. When it comes to tying your hair remember to use something loose as that would not be damaging your hair. If you are in St. Kilda, you must schedule an appointment with an expert hairdresser in any reputed salon there, for hair styling and hair care solutions.

Using Too Many Products that Have Chemicals in Them

Excessive use of chemicals could be really bad for your hair. Too much keratin and colouring could prove to be damaging to your crowning glory. Ensure that you are using the minimum number of chemical processes. It is better to create a routine and following it religiously.

Setting Your Hair Dryer on a very High Temperature

You must avoid excessive heat as it would be robbing your hair of the moisture making it look dull and limp. If you are successful in finding a good setting on your hair dryer, stick to it so that your skin feels relaxed and comfortable. However, always use the effective heat protectant if your stubborn hair needs extra heat for styling.

Avoiding the Heat Protectant

Heat protectant spray is a great way of preventing damage or any form of harm to your hair shaft. Heat protectant spray certainly would assist the shaft in maintaining moisture and preventing excess breakage simply by coating and also moisturizing the tresses. Do not even think of skipping the heat protectant.

Handling Wet Hair

When hair seems to be wet, you could see the cuticle scales could be lifted, thus making the moist hair strands susceptible to split ends and breakage, and more delicate in general. Handle wet hair with care. Avoid combing your hair when wet. Change your shampoo to suit your changed hairstyle for best results, and visit your hairdresser in St. Kilda for some solid advice on the same.


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