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Get Answers to All Your Spray Tanning Questions

Get Answers to All Your Spray Tanning Questions

Everyone must be aware that use of tanning beds and sunbathing could prove to be pretty harmful to your skin and may damage it in the long run. Some of the harmful effects of sun tanning or using tanning beds are the appearance of wrinkles, or sun spots and ending up with a dry and rubbery skin. There would be a greater possibility of acquiring skin cancer by excessive sun exposure. There is no reason for you to feel depressed as you could still flaunt a sun-kissed glow thanks to spray tanning. You may visit a reputed salon in Elsternwick, Australia, and try a spray tan for the ultimate bronzed look.

What do you mean by sunless spray tanning?

Sunless spray tanning involves the spraying or mist application of the tanning solution to chosen parts of your body. When spray tan is applied, the DHA that is actively present in the tanning solution would be reacting with your skin’s proteins to give a rich golden brown tint to your skin. After the application process is complete, your skin would be darkening gradually. You would be noticing the change within a couple of hours. You would get the perfect bronzed look after 24 hours from application of the spray tan. The colour would be fading gradually through natural exfoliation. Come to a reliable salon in Elsternwick for the perfect spray tan experience.

What should you do to get the perfect spray tan results?

One thing that could ensure great results is getting a thorough exfoliation done before the spray tanning session. If the exfoliation is done well, you would end up getting an even tone and long-lasting result.

Can you get a spray tan done if you are pregnant?

It is a good idea not to get spray tanning done during pregnancy. The effect of DHA is not clearly understood here. DHA could be safe for direct application on your skin but it has not been clearly proved that inhaling DHA would be safe enough. Moreover, there would be certain aesthetic issues associated with spray tanning and pregnancy. You may develop stretch marks during pregnancy. The stretching could lead to cracking tan which does not look appealing at all.

How long would spray tanning results last?

A few key factors determine how long would the effect of spray tan last in your case. Aftercare and preparation could be two important factors that could be responsible for extending the spray tan life. You need to prepare for spray tanning by exfoliating thoroughly and as an aftercare; you must moisturize your skin. Moreover, the type of skin you possess and the reaction of the tanning solution on your skin, all these factors influence the longevity of spray tanning. Usually, this would be lasting anywhere between five to ten days. You must keep moisturizing your skin every day for extending tanning effects.

When should you consider taking a shower after the spray tan session?

You must allow at least, 8 hours for your spray tan to develop effectively. Then you could go swimming, or take a shower or exercise. Do not indulge in these activities before 8 hours have gone by, as that may adversely affect the tanning intensity.

Visit a salon in Elsternwick and get a spray tan for a sun-kissed glow like never before!


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