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How to Go About Choosing the Best Thai Massage Therapist

The role and amazing benefits of Thai massage cannot any longer be undermined. The fact that Thai massage is immensely beneficial has been proved beyond doubt by several research studies and also by testimonials of Thai massage loyalists. Today practically every city in the world is witnessing the rise of numerous Thai massage clinics and…

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Choose the Best Hair Salon for Mind-Blowing Hair Cutting & Colouring

It is an accepted fact that everyone would love to look their best. Today, a lot of importance is given to personal grooming and overall appearance. Your crowning glory draws a lot of attention. Your hairstyle makes or breaks your image and personality. So, it is necessary for you to identify the best hair salon…

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Get Answers to All Your Spray Tanning Questions

Everyone must be aware that use of tanning beds and sunbathing could prove to be pretty harmful to your skin and may damage it in the long run. Some of the harmful effects of sun tanning or using tanning beds are the appearance of wrinkles, or sun spots and ending up with a dry and…

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Reasons Why Everyone Should Use a Hair Conditioner

You must not only shampoo your hair on a regular basis but also use a good quality conditioner for healthy, shiny and lustrous hair. A conditioner is used for retaining the moisture in your hair so that your hair looks healthy and feels silky smooth. Often your shampoo may result in stripping your tresses of…

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Some Mistakes to Avoid to Get Gorgeous Hair

Your crowning glory would be requiring a lot of care and attention.  Hair care is nothing complicated. You could follow simple tips to keep your hair healthy, shiny and silky forever. However, you may be causing a lot of harm to your silky tresses without being aware of the damage being done. You must consult…

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Tips for Choosing the Right Hairdresser for You

Your crowning glory is your prized possession. You have to admit that you are simply not willing to trust just any hairstylist, with your hair. It is obvious that getting your hair coloured or cut is a pretty important affair as your hairstyle speaks volumes about your personality, lifestyle, and attitude. You need to find…

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Bridal Hair Tips for Beautiful Hair

Your wedding is the most special day of your life. You must look your best. You must have visualized exactly how your bridal hair would be, what dress you would be flaunting, the flowers, the décor everything. Now it is time to translate your dream about a perfect wedding into reality. Your crowning glory should…

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6 Smart Ways to Choose a Good Hairdresser

Say you are in a rush to attend a party and need to dress your hair – what do you do? Yes, you call up a hairdresser in St. Kilda to set up an appointment. Now, the thing is, do you even know how good the hairdresser is or did you jut dial the number…

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